Inductions Week 2016

Faculty of Management of Pacific University launched its 10 days long Induction Programme on 11th of July, 2016 to benefit the students who are about to experience a new phase in their life.

The induction programme has been launched under the coordination of Dr. Khanika Choudhary, CA Disha Fattawat and Dr. Kadmbari Jain.

The Inaugural session of the induction programme started with invoking the goddess Saraswati by lighting the lamp. Prof. Mahima Birla, dean, Faculty of Management, welcomed the new students and motivated them through her thought provoking messages. She concluded by advising the students to never lose hope when they face problems because “when there is a will, there is a way.”

Mr. Shivohm Singh, Junior Campus In-charge talked about the concept of B-“school” and highlighted the fact that MBA program starts from the basics and that’s how it is called a school.

Prof. B. P. Sharma, President, PAHER addressed the students and urged them to be active players in all walks of life. He informed the students about the vision of the Institute and that is to emerge as one of the top management schools. He inspired the students to perpetuate knowledge into habits day in and day out.

Prof. Harvinder Soni, Senior Campus In-charge urged the students to foresee the coming opportunities in the burgeoning Indian economy and tap them by gaining more knowledge and skill development.

Dr. Pushpkant Shakdwipee called upon the students to adopt focussed and disciplined approach in life for success and gave numerous examples from his long career to make a point.

The coordinator of the induction programme, Dr. Khanika Choudhary briefed the students about the activities and sessions to be conducted in the coming eight days and in the end the vote of thanks was given by Dr. Kadambari Jain.

Day II

Beginning with the second day, the morning session on Training and Placements was taken by Mr. Ravindra Bangar, Chief Convener, Training and Placements. He started with a key note as to why MBAs = Mobile, Bright, Ambitious.

The students were briefed why deciding to take an MBA, one of the best-known degrees in the world and on top of almost every students “Wish List” these days; is a crucial step in an individual’s career. The students were also explained why an MBA degree has become a basic entry-level pre-requisite for big and mid-sized organizations in India.

The students were then informed that Placements is the Core Strength of the Pacific Group. The students were then taken through all the corporate recruiters of 2015-16 who yet again trusted the quality of students, sensing a potential value addition to their respective firms and recruited in large numbers, offering exciting profiles.

The students were also appraised that there was a substantial rise in the number of offers made by each company and the average compensation saw a significant increase over the last year.

The students were explained that niche profiles like Relationship Managers, HR Recruiters, Portfolio Managers, Education B2B Marketing, Media and Advertising, Digital Marketing and Financial/ Data Analytics were offered in line with the changing trends; Sales and Marketing continued to be the most preferred profile with most of the students opting for it and despite the economic slowdown, Finance companies trusted the quality of students and made large number of offers for roles in Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Equity Research and Portfolio Management in general. Then, a glimpse of the Placement Process was given to the students.

The session was concluded with a motivational video – “Good to Great”. The students felt exhilarated since this was an interactive session where in the students had their first glimpse of the Corporate World.


In the morning of the third day of the induction programme, the students attended the session held by Mr. Yash Deo who is a motivational speaker and has spread his glance and motivated many students in India and worldwide and has been awarded for his successful brilliance.

In the session he discussed about achieving success in life with the students. Apart from simply gaining subject knowledge and become a mere degree-holder, he inspired the students to keep a vision of attaining success with name, fame, money and respect in the society. He helped the students with maintaining their focus and confidence about their aims to reach at the top with all the required hard work.

To explore the students’ creativity and imagination along with improving their presentation skills, collage making competition was organized just after the session. A great enthusiasm was seen in the students during the event. They used a variety of material to create the collages and gave a presentation on the relevant theme after making it. The efforts of the students were remarkable and the most creative collages were adjudged the winner. The theme of collage making was “Digital India”. The students made aesthetic collages which showed their immense creativity and imagination. The students thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. They took keen interest in collage making. The judges of the competition were Prof. Sunita Agrawal and Dr. Gaurav Joshi. The activity was coordinated by Ms. Kinika Nahar and Dr. Pallavi Mehta.

The next session was conducted by Dr. Pushpkant Shakdwipee, Associate Professor, and Faculty of Management on the importance of positive thinking in individual’s life. He opined in the lecture that a positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty. Through various examples and anecdotes, he explained the students that how a minute change in an attitude from negative to positive can do wonders in their lives and be beneficial for their career, future and the days to come. By the end of the session, the students learnt about how to seek help from sources of positive thinking and what are the tangible benefits of positive thinking.