Faculty Resources of Pacific Group

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Prof. B.P. Sharma
President of PAHER, An authority on Global Business and Economic Scenario & has participated in the 5th & 6th Bi-annual Ministerial Conferences of the World Trade organisation (WTO) held at Cancun (Mexico) and HongKong. He along with his team was also invited for a presentation on WTO related matters by the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India in 2005. An expert of national repute on Intellectual Property Rights, Industry Clusters, Zero Based Budgeting, Competition Law and Free Trade Agreements. Expertise in Future Scan , Scenario Building, Change Management & OD. Research Scholars Working for PhD- 6
Prof. GMK Madnani
Prof. Emeritus. Managerial Economics and Research Methodology.
Prof. Mahima Birla
Dean, FM, Prof. Banking and Business Economics. 10 Year's Academic exp. Expertise in Role Plays, Economic Scenario Building, Fiscal Simulation.Research Scholars Working for Ph.D - 06.
Prof. Hemant Kothari
Dean, PG Studies. Area: HRM. 13 Year's Academic exp. Expertise in Top Business Story Discussion & Managerial Grid, Organisation Restructuring and Development, Case analysis. Research Scholars Working for Ph.D - 08.
Dr. Mahendra Sojatia
Director, PIBS, M.Com (ABST), Ph.D Area: Finance 20 Years of academic experience Expertise in Accountancy & Taxation Research Interest: Behaviour & Pricing Idiosyncratic Volatility.
Prof. Harvinder Soni
HOD, HRM, Area: OB, HRM, T&D, Performance Management & Retention, Strategies, Organisation Development, Teaching Exp.- 17 yrs. Expertise in Presentations, Role Plays, Management Games, Case Study, Analysis, Professional Skills. Research Scholars Working for Ph.D. - 08
Dr. Bhavana Detha
Director, Pacific University Centre for counseling and Psychology 12 yrs. teaching experience, consultant to UNFPA
Prof. Harshita Shrimali
Ph.D., MBA, MA (Gold Medalist) Area: General Management, Corporate Strategy & Marketing. Academic Exp. 13 Year's Expertise in Presentations, Role Plays, Management Games, Sensitivity Training, Case Writing and Analysis, Intellectual Property Rights, Communication Skill Improvements. Research Scholars Working for Ph.D - 08
Prof. S. L. Menaria
Area: Finance, Account and Taxation Expertise : Research and Development activities, case studies, Research Scholars working for Ph.D - 07
Dr. Shanker Choudhary
HOD, Marketing, Chief Co-ordinator (T&P) B.Tech. (E & C), MBA (IT, Mkt.) Total Experience 17 yrs., Corporate Exp: 9 yrs Academic Exp: 7 yrs. Research Scholars working for Ph.D - 05
Dr. Pushpkant Shakdwipee
HOD, Finance and Accounts, Asso. Prof. Banking, Insurance, Accounting & Research Methodology. 10 Year's Academic exp. Expertise in Research Paper Review, Indian Ethos & Management. Research Scholars Working for Ph.D - 4
Mr. Shivoham Singh
HOD Production Assistant Prof. MBA, FDP (IIM-A), Operation Research, RM, QT & Marketing Management. Total Exp. : 8yrs 7 Year's Academic & 1 year's Corporate exp. Expertise in Simulation, Case Writing, Analysis & Role Plays Modeling through Excel
Dr. Subhash Sharma
HOD, MHHM, Associate Professor Area : HR Soft Skills, English Experience 16 years Area: Presentation, Role Plays, Communication Skills Improvement, Group Discussions and Chat Shows etc.
Dr. Gaurav Kumar Joshi
HOD, General Management, Associate Prof. Ph.D, MBA (Marketing), B.Sc., Total Exp. 5 yrs. Expertise : Marketing Research
Dr. Devendra Shrimali
HOD, Finance Associate Professor Ph.D., MBA, M.Com, RPSC Set, Area: Finance 7 Years of academic exp, Research Scholar working for Ph.D - 03
Dr. Dharmesh Motwani
Assistant Prof. B.Sc., MBA, M.Com, NET pursuing Ph.D Area: Research & Marketing Total Exp. 3.5 yrs., Experties: Conducting GD & Role Plays
Ms. Khushbu Agarwal
Additional Editor Pacific Business Review, Assistant Prof. B.Sc, MBA, NET Pursuing Ph.D Area: Operation Research & Production Mgmt. Total Exp. 5yrs., Corporate 3yrs. Academic 2yrs. Expertise in: GD, Management Games & Computer Application Additional Editior PBR,
Ms. Sumi Nair
Group Dy. Editor Pacific Update, Assistant Prof. MBA Total Corporate Experience 8 yrs., Expertise Soft Skills Tranning, Management Games and Role Plays. Pacific Update Editor
Dr. Pallavi Mehta
Assistant Professor Area: Management & International Business Academic Exp.:11yrs Project Fellow in UGC Major Research Project.,Life member of All India Commerce Association. Expertise in International Business Environment, Export Procedure & Documentation, Presentation and Analysis, International Quality Standards
Prof. Sunita Agrawal
MBA., M.Com, Net, M.Phill. Ph.D. Expertise Economics, Finance, Banking and Financial Management Teching experience 19 yrs.
Dr. Shikha Bhargava
Assistant Prof. Finance & Marketing. 5 Year's Corporate & 3 year's Academic exp. Expertise in Top Business Story Discussion & Grid Training, Facilitating Experiential Learning, CRM.
C.A. Disha Fattawat
Assistant Prof. C.A. Finance & Accounting Total Exp. 4.5 yrs. Academic Co ordinator
Dr. Khanika Choudhary
Assistant Professor Ph.D (Pursuing) from MLSU Area: Accountancy & Business Statistics
Ms. Deepti Gaur
Assistant Prof. CS & IT, C++, DBMS, S/W Engineer, Data Structure, Analogy Live Research & Example. ERP & MIS. 6 Year's of Academic & 1 year's Corporate exp. Expertise in Impersonation, Mnemonics, Role play, Case Studies, Presentations, Facilitating Experiential Learning.
Ms. Madhu B.Yogi
Deputy Provost Pacific University
Ms. Namrata Chouhan
Assistant Prof. Strategic Management, B.E. & Marketing. 2 Year's Corporate exp. Expertise in Top Business Story Discussion & Presentations Skills, Export Documentation
Mr. R.M. Bangar
Chief Convener, Training & Placement Area: Marketing Communications, Corporate Strategy & Strategic Pharmaceutical Marketing Academic: 8 Years Experience: Expertise in conducting MDPs, Sensitivity Training, Communication Skills, Case Analysis Research Interests: 1. Sequencing effects of comparative advertising 2. Experimental Inquiry into human behavior as a result of marketing stimuli. 3. Development of Dynamic capabilities by firms.
Mr. Narendra Singh Chawda
Assistant Professor, Marketing. Corporate Ext. 4 yrs. & Academic Exp 1 year Expertise in Research Paper Review
Dr. Pooja Devija
Assistant Professor M.Com.(GoldMedalist), MBA, Ph.D(Pursuing) Total Experience = 8years Area:HRM,OB,General Management, Strategic Management,Case Anaysis,Role Plays,Communication Skill improvement ,Presentations, Facilitating Experimental Learning
Mr. Ali Yawar Reha
Assistant Proffesor MIS 5yrs 's Academic Experience Expertise in Electronic Presentation , Web Desinging & Simulation, Role Plays.
Ms. Khushboo Sharma
Assistant Professor Area: Human Resource. Corporate Exp.:3yrs & Academic Exp.: 1 ½ yrs Expertise in Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Dovelopment, Industrial Relations, Labour Laws and Training & Development
Ms. Nidhi Nalwaya
Assistant Prof. B.Com. MBA(Finance), Pursuing Ph.D Academic Exp.2yrs.
Dr. Sachin Sharma
M.A.,M.B.A. , Ph.D, Academic Exp.3yrs.
Dr. Vani Verma
Ph.D-Sociology, Dll-Diploma in Labour Law , Diploma In human Rights & Journalism
Mr. Rahul Vyas
Assistant prof.MBA,LLB,Area : Marketing (Sales & Distribution )Total Exp.:14 Yrs.,Corporate Exp. 11 yrs.,Teaching 2.5 Yrs
Ms. Jaya Sharma
Assistant Professor MBA Area : Human Resource & Finance
Mr. Sudarshan Vyas
Officer (Placement Cell) B.A.,MBA, total Exp.: 12yrs.Expertise in Recruitments, Business Operations, Relationship Mgmt., Communication Skills Improvement ,Team Mgmt.
Mr. Surendra Goyal
Assistant Professsor ,B.Sc.,MBA Area :Finance ,Accounting, Business Environment ,Business law
Ms. Anamika Joshi
Assistant Prof. MBA (Finance), Net Qualified, Ph.D. (Pursuing) Expertise in Finance Economics and Law, Teaching Exp. 7 yrs.
Ms. Shikha Behl
Departmental Head of Soft Skills & Associate Prof.12 Years Experience of Linguistcs And Personality Development
Ms. Sini George
MBA (Finance and Marketing) Ph.D. (Pursuing), Corporate Exp. 1.5 yrs
Dr. Kulvinder Kour
M.Com., MA, B.Ed., MBA, Ph.D. Expertise Financial Management, Teaching Experience 14 yrs.
Ms. Nayna Porwal
Co-ordinator Eco Sensitivity Club, Assistant Prof. MCA, B.Com, Expertise in MS Office, Computer Graphics and System Analysis and Design
Dr. Priyanka Kalra
Assistant Prof. B.Com.,C.S.,LL.B,Ph.D Pursuing 2 Years Experience
Ms. Shivani Kawadiya
Assistant Prof. MBA(Marketing, HR) Expertise:Marketing , Entrepreneurship Development , Personality & Communication Development
Mr. Jinendra Vyas
Assistant Prof.MBA(Marketing & Production)
Mr. Santosh Kumar C.S.
Assistant Prof. Ph.D. Pursuing, MBA (HR), M.Com. Corporate Experience 10 Yrs , Teaching 4 yrs, Expertise in Recruitments, Business Operations, Investment Banking Training
Dr. Preeti Sharma
Assistant Prof. MBA(Soft Skill Trainer, Personality) Associate Prof. MA M.Phil., Ph.D., Expertise English language, Teaching Psycholinguistics, Soft Skills
Dr. Sheela Dashora
MBA HR, Teaching experience 14 yrs
Dr. Swati Gokhru
Assistant Professor MA (English Literature), Ph.D (Pursuing) Area: Business, Communication & Soft Skills Expertise in Language Training, Group Discussions, Role Plays, Management Games & Personalty Development.
Mr. Vaibhav Dangi
(Regular visiting faculty from industry with professional Diploma from Hertfordshire University, UK) Asst Prof. Marketing and OB. 5 Year's of Academic and 9 year's of Corporate Experiences. Expertise in International Marketing
Ms. Alifiya Kurawar Wala
Lecturer B.Com, MBA Area :Human Resoure,Commerce.Attended Global Opportunity and Threat Analysis (GOTA) Program in London Conducted by IIPM, New Delhi
Dr.Anurag Mehta
Vice Principal PIBS, M.Com (Bus. Admin.), Ph.D (Bus. Admin.) M.Com (Marketing and Finance), Corporate Exp. 7 yrs & Academic Exp. 1 year.
Ms. Parul Dashora
Lecturer net(Commerce),CA-PCC, M.Com. Ph.D(ABST)(Pursuing) Area: Accounting and Taxation