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Prof. B. P. Sharma, President, PAHER
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Felicitation of Prof. B. P. Sharma by the Counselor General of India in Dubai-His Excellency Sanjay Verma

Leadership of an International Visionary

A Visionary on Management and Globally renowned expert on Global Business and Economic Scenario having an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of Global Trade Policy, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Work Engagements, Organizational Culture and Transformational Leadership.

He enjoys a reputation of a nationally renowned Consultant on Intellectual Property Rights, Industry Clusters, Zero Based Budgeting, Competition Law and Free Trade Agreements.

Prof. Sharma has marked his presence in several international events some of which are:

  1. 5th Bi-annual Ministerial Conferences of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held at Cancun (Mexico) in September 10 - 14, 2003.
  2. 6th Bi-annual Ministerial Conferences of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held at Hong Kong in December 13-18, 2005.
  3. Series of Lectures on “Universal Humanism of Swami Vivekananda” and its contemporary relevance at following locations.
    1. Abu-Dhabi 10th January 2013
    2. Sharjah 11th January 2013
    3. Dubai – “Vivek 150” the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration conducted by the Counselor General of India at Dubai and France of India Society. The function was presided by His Excellency Sanjay Verma, The Counselor General of India in Dubai.
  4. 10th Bi-annual Ministerial Conferences of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held at Nairobi (Kenya) in December 15-18, 2015.

Prof. B.P Sharma is an expert on Global Trade Scenario the WTO, Free Trade Agreements, Economic Globalization, Patents, Investment Measures, Business Environment, Socio-cultural Values & Trends etc.

He has been keen observer and a regular commentator on all the aforesaid issues. Ever since the launch of Uruguay round of the talks for the formation of WTO, he has been participating and keenly studying the MTAs in the bi-annual ministerial conferences of WTO since 2003.

Among the latest events he has participated in the 10th bi-annual ministerial conference of WTO held th th at Nairobi in Kenya from 15 December to 18th December 2015. He has spoken on a variety of issues there including automatic compulsory licensing, agricultural issues, intra-firm trade special safe guard mechanism and a series of other issues.