Club Activities : An Innovative Idea to Rejuvenate

Faculty of Management Studies Provides Opportunity to its students through various hobby clubs. Students are encouraged to join different 22 cultural and co-curricular clubs to showcase their talent, provide unique educational opportunities, and establish support systems of peers, faculty and staff advisors.

These clubs create and facilitate a platform that exposes and educates the students on different cultures, lifestyles, art forms and viewpoints.

  • Eco-Sensitivity Club
  • Photography Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Adventure Club
  • Enterpreneurial Club
  • Survey Project Club
  • Group Discussion Club
  • Declaimation Club
  • Painting Club
  • Voca-Quiz Club
  • News Analysis Club
  • Dance Club
  • Music Club
  • Energy Club
  • Creativity Club
  • Club for Social Cause
  • Blood Donor's Club
  • Book Reader's Club
  • Writer's Club
  • Drama Club