Faculty of Management of Pacific University launched its 9 days long Induction Programme on 12th July, 2016 to benefit the students who are about to experience a new phase in their life. The induction programme has been launched under the coordination of Dr. Khanika Choudhary, CA Disha Fattawat and Dr. Kadmbari Jain.

Inaugural Session

The Inaugural session of the induction programme started with invoking the goddess Saraswati by lighting the lamp. Prof. Mahima Birla, Dean, Faculty of Management, welcomed the new students and motivated them through her thought provoking messages. She concluded by advising the students to never lose hope when they face problems because “when there is a will, there is a way.”

Prof. B. P. Sharma, President, PAHER addressed the students and urged them to be active players in all walks of life. He informed the students about the vision of the Institute and that is to emerge as one of the top management schools. He inspired the students to perpetuate knowledge into habits day in and day out.

Mr. Shivohm Singh, Junior Campus In-charge talked about the concept of B-school and highlighted the fact that MBA program starts from the basics and that’s how it is called a school.

Prof. Harvinder Soni, Senior Campus In-charge urged the students to foresee the coming opportunities in the burgeoning Indian economy and tap them by gaining more knowledge and skill development.

Dr. Pushpkant Shakdwipee called upon the students to adopt focussed and disciplined approach in life for success and gave numerous examples from his long career to make a point.

Ice-breaking Session by Ms. Shikha Behl (Ex-Corporate Trainer)

The ice breaking session was conducted just after the inauguration by Ms. Shikha Behl who is an ex-corporate trainer and a freelancer.

The session served its purpose and made the students interact with each other through various activities conducted by the trainer.

The students seemed to get open up with each other right after the session ended.

Session on Vision of MBA at B - School by
Ms. Sonia Keswani

Post-lunch session was taken by Ms. Sonia Keswani who is currently working as a Senior Executive in Quality Assurance at Secure Meters Pvt. Ltd, Udaipur.

She talked about the fact with the students that how an MBA program produces capable business leaders who are prepared with the necessary management and research skills to make high-quality business decisions in either an entrepreneurial or staff capacity.

Students got an in-depth idea of what all will they be learning in the coming two years and to what extent will they be benefited in their time to come.