Workshops & Seminars (International / National)

At the Pacific, We look Beyond Academics to evolve leaders empowered with knowledge, skills and confidence to boldly face managerial challanges.

  1. Workshop on Women Entrepreneurship Development In Association with the Institute of Labour Development (ILD) from 30.09.2016 to 15.10.2016
  2. Workshop on Managerial Skills” for the students of "Pacific Dental College" from 24.10.2016 to 26.10.2016
  3. One Day Seminar on 'Natural Vegetation, Environmental Balance & Plantation' on 25-07-2016
  4. National workshop on Currency Futures and Emerging Scenario.
  5. National workshop on Competition Law & Business Strategy.
  6. National workshop on The Indian MSMEs and Free Trade Agreements in collaboration with Traidcraft Exchange, U.K.
  7. National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights: Multilateral Obligations, Implementation and its Socio Economic Implication.
  8. International Conclave on Business Communication for 10 foreign delegates of 6 countries conducted in collaboration with EDI, Ahmedabad.
  9. Seminar on Strategic Initiatives for the Globalised World.
  10. Workshop on Behavioural Finance.
  11. Workshop on Doing Business with China in collaboration with India China Economic Council, New Delhi.
  12. Workshop on Hospital Administration: A Functional Overview.
  13. Panel Discussion on: Inter Regulatory Disputes and the Proposed Super Regulator.
  14. Workshop on Export Procedure & Documentation.
  15. Workshop on Diagnosing & Shaping Organizational Culture.
  16. Workshop on Financial Markets - I: Debt & Equity Markets.
  17. Workshop on Financial Markets-11: Mutual Funds.
  18. Workshop on Corporate Strategies: Recent Experiences and Road map for future.
  19. Workshop on Energy Security: Issues and Challenges.
  20. Workshop on Cross Border takeovers by Indian Corporates.
  21. Workshop on Telecom Sector: Competitive Strengths and weaknesses.
  22. Workshop on Textile Exports: Prospects and Challenges.
  23. Workshop on Sino-Indian Competition: Roadmap for India.
  24. Workshop on Indo-ASIAN Free Trade Agreement.
  25. Workshop on Organizational Development Strategies for Indian Corporate Sector.
  26. Workshop on Indian foreign Trade: Direction, Composition and Road map for future.
  27. Workshop on India in Globalized Economy.
  28. Workshop on Environment Management Practices and Global Warming.
  29. Workshop on Managing Change for the Next Decade.
  30. Workshop on Terror Attacks and their impact on the economy.
  31. Workshop on FMCG Sector: The Emerging Scenario.
  32. Workshop on Customer Relationship Management.
  33. Workshop on Financial Markets-II: Mutual Funds.
  34. Workshop on Financial Markets- III: Financial Derivatives.
  35. Workshop on Retail Management: A Functional Overview.
  36. Workshop on IT & IT Enabled Services: Indian Scenario.
  37. Workshop on Banking Sector: Prospects, Perils and Strategies of wider outreach.
  38. Workshop on Mutual Funds: Road map in the Turbulent Markets.
  39. Workshop on Marketing Strategies under recessionary conditions.
  40. Workshop on Business Forecasting: Contemporary variables in India.
  41. Workshop on Market segmentation: A typical strategy for India.
  42. Workshop on Human Resource Development Strategies.
  43. Workshop on Human Resource Valuation: Contemporary practices and Future Relevance.
  44. Workshop on Leadership Effectiveness for Implementing Change.
  45. Workshop on Mergers and Acquisitions.
  46. Workshop on Training & Development in the Corporate Sector.
  47. Workshop on TQM: The Indian Scenario.
  48. Workshop on Forecasting Manpower Needs.
  49. Workshop on Media of Advertising.
  50. Workshop on Foreign Investments in India.
  51. Workshop on Financial Forecasting Techniques.
  52. Workshop on Pricing Policies and Strategies in India.
  53. Workshop on Economic Value Added.
  54. Workshop on Human Resource Accounting.
  55. Workshop on Social Cost Benefit Analysis.
  56. Workshop on Intellectual Capital Reporting.
  57. Workshop on Environmental Accounting- Rise in Indian
  58. Workshop on HR Practices in India,
  59. Workshop on Zero -base budgeting.
  60. Workshop on Leadership.
  61. Workshop on Revolutions "The inner transformation to success".
  62. Workshop on Foreign Currency Trading and Mechanism.
  63. Workshop on Trade Union in collaboration with Hindustan Zinc Dariba.
  64. Workshop on Quality Management,
  65. Workshop on leadership development
  66. Workshop on Patent Filing & Obtaining
  67. Workshops Exclusively Meant to Develop Holistic Personality of the Budding Manager

Workshops Exclusively Meant to Develop Holistic Personality of the Budding Managers

  1. Workshop on Revolution "The inner transformation to success by Mr. Chetan Bhagat the author of five Blockbuster Novels and the Popular Columnist.
  2. Workshop on Change Management by Prof. M. Sayeed, Minot State University, Minot, USA.
  3. Workshop on Personality Development by an International Corporate Trainer Mr. Vijay Michihito Batra.
  4. Two day workshop on Personality Development by Mr. Himanshu Buch, Corporate Trainer and Zen Coach.
  5. Workshop on Motivation & Personality Development by Mr. Jeevan Rajwaniya, Asst. G.M.-HR, Secure Meters Ltd.
  6. Workshop on Confidence Level and Communication Skills by Ms. Shikha Behl, Corporate Trainer of the Oberoi Group.
  7. Workshop on Personality Development and Communication Skills by Ms. Megha Gupta, Managing Director, Blue Box Solutions.