International Business Forum


Lecture on Export Documentation & Procedure by Ms. Archana Maheshwari working as Export Executive Rayman Export House. Power Point Presentation on Global Issues.


IB forum was organized on 12th January, 2016. Two activities were scheduled for the IB students of MBA Honours and PU MBA Dual Specialization and the students participated very enthusiastically. The activities were coordinated by student coordinators Shefali Tandon and Bhupendra Mehta.

The first activity was Presentation on Global issues. The students gave presentations on topics like Strategic Alliance, WTO, World Bank, FEMA, Globalization and Impact of MNC in India etc. The Judge for the activity was Dr. Nidhi Nalwaya. The first position was bagged by Piyush Sharma, the second position was grabbed by Nishant Chaturvedi and third position by Shefali Tandon.

The second activity was Global Business Quiz. The various rounds were held on geography quiz, identifying the international flags, currency & capitals of the countries. Rapid fire round was held on global current affairs. There were 4 teams and there were 2 participants in each team and each team participated with zeal.

The activities were organized by the IB forum incharge Dr. Pallavi Mehta along with Dr. Sunita Agarwal.

Name of Winners are:

1. Piyush Sharma & Nishant Chaturvedi
2. Lokesh Soni & Jaydeep Chouhan
3. Shilpa S Pillai & Bhumika Solanki

Coffee Talk

A coffee talk was organized under the banner of IBF on 22 January, 2016 to converse with students regarding placement opportunities in International Business. Dr. Rahul Vyas was invited to have an informal interaction with the students to guide them regarding available avenues and sectors for jobs. The talk was an initiative to sensitize students to attend classes regularly and attend the campus placements with full preparations.

The reasons of success and failure in the corporate were discussed and students freely asked their queries regarding the new corporate culture. The talk with coffee motivated students to be in campus in their last semester with zeal to learn more and more. The talk was planned by Dr. Pallavi Mehta to ignite the students for regularity and developing a feeling of being brand ambassadors of Pacific Institute of Management.

Global Team Management

Global Team Management was aimed at understanding of cross cultural teams working together in business world. The students were given tasks in teams with limited resources and they generated new innovative ideas by working on it. They learnt how to lead a team, how to influence group members and complete the targets with in limitations.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Pallavi Mehta and Ms. Archana Singh was the Judge for the activity.
Name of Winners are:

1) Rahul & Team
2) Ruben & Team
3) Bhumika & Team

Case Study Analysis

The Forum activity on case study analysis was conducted on 18th Feb, 2016 in which students were given live cases on strategic alliance. Cases both of success & failure of companies were analyzed by the students. Case studies of Hero Honda, Tata Steel and Global Airline Industry were discussed and critical analysis of their strategic moves was done.

The reasons of success and failure of strategic alliances were well grabbed by the students. The reasons of success and failure of strategic alliances were well grabbed by the students.
Name of Winners are:

Rahul Dadhich