Industrial Visit


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The training at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the oldest player in the Indian Stock Market is an integral part of Pacifian's training schedules. The two day training session was held on “Fundamental Analysis” from October 24-25, 2016. The speakers delivered detailed lectures on different financial aspects and also handled the students' queries minutely. Investments, elevated prices, plunging monetary values, imports and exports, real life case studies on financial statement analysis were some of the topics taken during the sessions. Afer whole day of encouragement through the financial world, the students thoroughly enjoyed the Mumbai street shopping, local sightseeing as well the sudden Mumbai rains. The students had a memorable trip –both gaining knowledge and having fun.

The whole programme was coordinated by Dr. Devendra Shrimali-Associate Professor and Dr. Dharmesh Motwani- Assistant Professor at FMS, Pacific University, Udaipur.

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