Certification on Art of Public Speaking and Creative Writing Skills

In pursuance of its goal of academic excellence,PACIFIC INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT conducted a certification program on EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PRESENTATION SKILLS for the management students to develop their presentation skills and improve the effectiveness of their presentations.

Scheduled on 6-7 th August, 16 from 09:30 am to 04:30 pm, the program was attended by the strength of 90 management students where they acquired knowledge on how to prepare high impact and magnetic power point presentations.

The program acquainted them with the knowledge of how to communicate their ideas effectively through their powerful presentation skills and how to face the audience with more confidence and competence.

Strong presentation skills have become a crucial business tool in today’s time. Keeping this in mind, the program focused on motivating students to develop and structure effective presentations and adopt persuasive communication techniques. The resource person MS. PRIYANKA PANDYA broadened the knowledge of the students by training them on-

  • Identification of the purpose of creating a presentation.
  • Identify the audience to which the presentation is to be addressed.
  • Steps for preparing and delivering an effective Power point Presentation.
  • Using Visual Aids for creating an Effective Presentation.
  • Criteria for selecting Visual Aids.

The Program was organized by DR.KULVINDER KAUR and DR. BHARGAVI SAXENA. Students found the program very useful for their professional growth and had a firm belief that the program has transformed them into better presenters and speakers by developing their communication and presentation skills. To inculcate the spirit of competitiveness in the students and to get the best out of them, Prizes for the best 3 teams were announced.

The First position was secured by - AMIT PAREEK, RAGINI FARAINZIA AND SWATI YADAV.
The Second position was secured by- PREKSHA VEDA, RASHMI AND SANDEEP SAHU.
The Third position was secured by- PRATEEK, RAM PRAKASH AND ASHU BANSAL