Sports Meet

The students of Faculty of Management Studies, Pacific University parcipated in 4th sports meet at Jaipuria Instute of Management, Jaipuria University, Jaipur. The sports event took place on 11th & 12th September 2015. Nishant Chaturvedi, Salman Sheikh, Piyush Sharma, Jaydeep Chouhan, Chetan Joshi and Shubham Chaturvedi (MBA III semester) represented Pacific University at Jaipuriya University.

The students were accompanied by the team manager Mr. Abhinav Sharma (Sports Officer), Pacific Institute Management. The overall management of the teams was done by the sports coordinator Mr. Chandresh Soni.

  • Nishant Chaturvedi : 2nd prize in Cyber Game , NFS Most Wanted.
  • Salman Sheikh & Piyush Sharma - 4th position in Table Tennis (doubles)
  • Jaydeep Chouhan - 5th position in Table Tennis (singles).
  • Chetan Joshi - 4th position in 100 mt. race.
  • Shubham Chaturvedi - 5th position in Chess Tournament.

Session Wise summary


I   The first session was taken by Prof. B.P. Sharma, president-PAHER who introduced the basic of research and its importance. He also discussed various parameters of research.

II The second session was taken by Dr. Ajay Choudhary, Professor, Meera Girls College, discussed about research design and process and problem formulation.


I  The first session was taken by Prof. Parmendra Dashora, Vice Chancellor, Kota University who discussed on the process of research and the steps to be undertaken while pursuing research. Apart from this Sampling design, Sampling techniques, probability and non-probability sampling along with types and forms of hypothesis were discussed in detail.

By the discussion of Prof. Dashora, the participants could understand the difference between testing and scaling using examples and the session ended with the discussion on the various tools or instruments used for data collection and understanding the tests they have to put through to validate the research process.


I  Prof. Hemant Kothari, Dean P.G., PAHER took a session on Review of Literature. He made his session lively and gave important tips to do review. He also discussed and suggested many sites from where the research papers may be downloaded and can learn to write paper. Apart from this he also spoke on citation and reference.

II  The post lunch session was taken by Prof. Anil Kothari, FMS, MLSU. He discussed on sampling design and measurement & scaling.

III  Last session of the day was taken by Mr. Ashish Adholia, Faculty Member, FMS, PAHER on data collection methods and data preparation through excel.


I  The day was began with Mr. Shivoham Singh, Faculty Member, FMS, PAHER, discussed to how to prepare excel to apply various tools to get better results. He took the session in the IT lab and gave a practical exposure and at the end he satisfied the participants by providing insight of their queries.

II  The post lunch session was taken by Dr. Hemant Trivedi, Freelancer. He discussed about hypothesis testing. He also discussed about various parametric and non-parametric test.


I  The session was started by Dr. Hemendra Dangi, Associate Prof. from Delhi University on SPSS and the main tests and tools being used to solve data like ANNOVA, T Test, F Test, Z Test, and Multivariate etc. Dr. Dangi started his session by giving a brief summary of research and thereafter he summarized about the various tests to be adopted for qualitative and quantitative data and explained where a Chi square would apply and where a t- test or Z- test or correlation should be used. He brought out the differences between different scales and explained them with detailed examples. The session also discussed the various methods in multivariate analysis and introduced the participants to a gist of the dependence and interdependence methods under this technique.

II  In the post lunch session Dr. Dangi continued on SPSS and discussed Factor Analysis and gave them hands - on experience using illustrative data. The participants tested for multi Co linearity problem using the data and were exposed to the practical implications of factor analysis.


I   Dr. Dangi discussed about Multivariate Regression Analysis. Before proceeding on this topic the participants were taught to understand the importance of test of normality and its implication on Multivariate regression. He included exercise to make the participants understand the concepts practically. Further he discussed the types of regression and illustrated situations where each would be used.

Before he left Dr. Dangi answered all the queries raised by the participants.


I  The last day of the FDP, Prof. D.P.S. Verma, Professor, Delhi University, took a session on how to write a report and what are the major points, highlights of a report was discussed by him. He also gave tips to how to write a research paper and generate report.

Last but not the least the program was ended up with a valedictory session Dr. Subhash Sharma, Convener read a report on the seven days schedule and Prof. Mahima Birla, Dean Faculty of Management-PAHER University congratulated all the participants for attending this program of seven days and spoke on the importance of this type of program in life. She motivated participants to write research papers and read good books and journals to upgrade themselves.

This was followed by a brief feedback session about the program in which the participants who came from Jammu, Gujrat, Punjab and Haryana spoke very high of the program , arrangements, food and other facilities and also wish to come again and again for a program like this.

The programme was co-ordinated by Dr. Subhash Sharma, Dr. Khushboo Sharma and Ms. Mansi Vyas. Overall the program was a great success.